Age Groups

Age Groups

Moshava Ba’ir Chicago is open to children entering Kindergarten (age 5) through 7th Grade.

Our program is carefully and thoughtfully developed to be age and developmentally appropriate for these ages across the board, from swim and sports, to chinuch and arts.

Throughout the summer, we will be referring to your child(ren)’s Eidah (Division):
Aleph – a child entering Kindergarten
Bet – a child entering First grade
Gimmel – a child entering Second grade
Daled – a child entering Third grade
Hey – a child entering Fourth grade
Super Hey – a child entering Fifth grade
Bogrim – a child entering Sixth or Seventh grade


The Bunks

Our bunks range in size from 10-15 campers each, with at least two madrichim per bunk. Each grade is a separate Eidah (division), with its own experienced and capable Rosh Eidah (Division Head). This camp structure allows each child to feel at home and cared for, while enjoying the excitement of being part of a large program. Eidah Aleph is co-ed and every bunk has an adult ‘Morah’ in addition to teen madrichim to ensure the utmost care, safety and that our youngest campers needs are fully met.

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No question is too small or too big! Book a call to speak with our Camp Director Arianne (Pinchot) Weinstein any time.

Request a Camp Tour

We offer camp tours during the camp season. Come see for yourself what Moshava Ba’ir is all about.

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Find out what open houses, pre-camp happenings or Bnei Akiva year-round events are happening in your neighborhood.

Speak with a Director

For general inquiries about registration, bussing, the lunch program or more, speak with our office staff to get the answers.